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AI & IoT : Powering the Future


Operational Excellence

At Articulus, our mission is to elevate your experience through the prowess of operational excellence, driven by the dynamic capabilities of Computer Vision AI. Through harnessing the potential of this pioneering technology, you gain the power to delve deeply into your operations, achieving an unprecedented understanding of your customers' needs. This newfound clarity empowers you to fine-tune your processes in real-time, resulting in swifter, more efficient service and a flawlessly smooth experience. Capitalizing on these invaluable insights, we curate our offerings to align precisely with your preferences, presenting bespoke solutions that transcend your expectations. Rooted in an unwavering commitment to operational excellence through Computer Vision AI, we relentlessly refine and enhance our approach, ensuring your journey is nothing short of exceptional, setting remarkable new benchmarks within the industry.

Better quality of life

Our core mission is to enhance the safety and security of every family, particularly focusing on the vulnerable well-being of our elders, through the seamless integration of Computer Vision AI and IoT technologies. We are dedicated to utilizing the advanced capabilities of these innovations to provide comprehensive safety solutions that offer real-time insights and actionable alerts. By intelligently analyzing visual and environmental data, we enable families to actively protect their loved ones, ensuring a rapid response to any potential risks or emergencies. Our unwavering commitment to harnessing the potential of Computer Vision AI and IoT underscores our relentless pursuit of providing families with the peace of mind they deserve, as we strive to create a world where everyone can age gracefully and securely


Meet the Founders



We are making impacts to this world with the technology everyone can reach.



We are making impact to this world with the technology that everyone can reach.



We are transforming the complexity into simplicity. Make it real-life possible.



We put more emphasis on customers' insights and users' feedbacks. We thrive to improve customer experience to serve them better.

Head of AI


We invent the lens of code and pixels, computer vision unveils the hidden beauty of the visual world, empowering machines to perceive, understand, and navigate with a digital eye.

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